Wild Ramps come from the woods are harvested daily for gardeners and Chefs. Wild Ramps are found early Spring usually around the end of April. But don't wait to order till then as we will be sold out by Feb. The forest only has so many. And we like to leave the Mothers in the woods to keep them growing. Wild Ramps for sale have an unusal growing pattern. Be sure and read the web site about how they emerge early Spring. The leaves as well as the bulbs are edible. Wild Ramps are a gourmet delight for Chefs across the world. Wild Ramps add that extra added flavor that neither garlic nor onions can .

Wild Wild Ramps
The Wild Ramps will ship as a bulb with a thin hairy root and no leaves. They can not tolerate direct sun light.Plant under trees that will provide filtered sun light. Wild Ramps like the leafy soil found under trees and either natural rain fall or just water lightly. Wild Ramps in the woods grow in clusters like a family group. When you plant try to keep them in a cluster as well. The root are thin and hairy forming like a spider web just a few inches under the soil. Remember to check out the web page for more details. Click on the "Title" under the picture to order.