Andy's Asparagus Plant Food - Asparagus Plant Energy Drink - Asparagus Plant Vitamins. All Organic Solutions To Feed Your Asparagus Plants.

Asparagus and Artichoke  Plant Food - Tea -  Organic Solutions
To grow healthy Asparagus plants be sure and feed them. Asparagus plants need food just like we do. Feed your Asparagus plants with organic solutions. Give your Asparagus - Andy's Asparagus Plant Energy Drink - and soon they will be ready to start producing for you. Asparagus Energy Drink is fast and easy to use. Mix 3-4 tablespoon with 1 gallon of water and put in the sun 2 hrs. Use in place of watering. Use as often as you like as the Asparagus Energy Drink is all organic therefore no chemical build up in your soil.